Physikalisches Spielzeug & Freihandversuche, Strukturbildung, Selbstorganisation & Chaos

Chaotic Toys

Schlichting, H. Joachim; Bachhaus, Udo. In: G. Marx (Ed.): Chaos in Education II. Vesprem (Hungary) 1987, pp. 58-63.

Handling, investigating and modeling toys in physics lessons may help students to improve their understanding of physical problems In several respects [1]. We shall concentrate here on one important point: Toys may provide for an access to the main features of nonlinearity in physics which have been overlooked up to now and which seem to become more and more important for an appropriate understanding of problems of the modern world. In the following, we shall sketch some simple, easily available, and cheap toys at which the most striking effects of nonlinearity: phenomena of selforganization may be shown and experienced in a rather direct and appealing manner.

PDF: Chaotic Toys



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